Versatile tag editor with support to multiple audio codecs and tag standards
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Mp3tag is a versatile audio tagging and renaming tool that supports many more audio file formats besides MP3. Though it supports all known ID3 tags (up to version 2.4), this app also can produce and edit MP4, WMA, iTunes-specific, and APEv2 tags, as well as Vorbis Comments. All the various conversions provided (involving tags, filenames, and text strings) can be performed on as many audio files as needed in one single operation.

The program’s interface follows the multi-panel approach of other similar MP3 tagging tools. You can add as many supported files as required to the main panel, where you will see extensive information about them in a series of columns that you can customize. You can select a specific file and take a look at its tags, both the basic and the extended ones, and check if it lacks an album cover or not. If it does, you can download artwork for your files from various sites, including – but not limited to – Amazon, Discogs, freedb, and MusicBrainz.

These sites will also provide you with content for other tags, which can then be converted, edited, and otherwise transformed using the various conversion and editing tools that come with Mp3tag. Thus, you can move content from filenames to the tags you determine and vice versa, from a text file to the corresponding tags, from one tag to another, and even from one filename to another. The possibilities are endless, and once you learn to master this app’s various tools you will be able to perform the most incredible tag and filename batch-conversion and -editing tasks. Besides, you can export your tags in various text-based formats, and you can generate lists and reports of your entire collection (or sections of it) using your own templates.

Playlists are also supported – you can create your own playlists while renaming or editing your music files, and enjoy your favorite lists on any software player that supports them. Another interesting extra tool is the auto-numbering feature – it will allow you to add track numbers to your files in the format of your choice, and even resetting the count for every folder (typically, a different album).

Mp3tag is a completely free tool, and that’s something that is worth noting – many similar tagging and renaming tools will charge you for less functionality than the one you are offered here. This, together with the excellent set of editing features it provides, makes this tool a must for anyone wanting to keep a well-organized MP3 collection.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports not only ID3 tags but also WMA and APE tags.
  • Connects to well-knonw online databases searching for tags and artwork.
  • Batch renaming and tagging supported.
  • Comprehensive tag conversion tools.
  • Creates playlists.


  • None.
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Abdul Rachman Aji

Abdul Rachman Aji Great software!
Thank you.

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Guest this is the best

Reply   |   6 years ago   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (0)
Guest #97638347

Guest #97638347 This program has been incorrectly detected. I have installed the freeware MP3Tag from but instead it claimed it was out of date and tried to install a piece of shareware with the same name.

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Joan Yes, this may happen because the Internet is full of different small programs with the same names.
Still, I have just installed it and it was identified correctly, obviously, SI has separated them somehow.
Try refreshing the client.

Reply   |   7 years ago   |   Was it helpful? yes | no (0)
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