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Mp3tag is one of the best solutions to keep music files tagged
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Mp3tag is one of the most versatile solutions to keep your music files organized and correctly tagged. Mp3tag is a very easy-to-use program in which you can tag your files getting tag information from several sources. As many other tagging solutions tag retrieval is available from freedb (and freedb cd), but this is not always useful, as very often freedb can't find any match. In Mp3tag it is also possible to retrieve tags from, and discogs. These sources are really useful, as in amazon there are lots of album tracks, and you can also get the cover. Mp3tag allows embedding the cover in the tag information, this way you won't see the cover as a jpg file in the music folder, and this is quite cool. Discogs have surprised me a lot. It doesn't search for files automatically, but by searching artist or album. When I tried searching, it found the complete discography of the artist and in the target album I had the cover available too, so it was really easy to tag an album.
Mp3tag is free, but if you like it you can support the developer by donating on the Mp3tag home page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Free
  • Several options to retrieve tags
  • Option to embed cover art


  • No weak points
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